The American dream, cast in doubt

The Oct. 25 report from the U.S. Congressional Budget Office prompted Dashiell Bennett and a host of others to address its most important fact. In essence: The wealthiest 1% in the United States have enjoyed income increases of 281% since 1979, in contrast to the anemic income growth experienced by lower-income brackets. Derek Thompson posted the following graph on his blog.










While I can’t say I’ve had the pleasure of being in New York in recent months, I’ve heard mixed things about the protesters gathering in Zuccotti Park. Depending on who is providing the opinion, they’re either hooligans or trust-fund hipsters, exhibitionists or people with a legitimate argument for why they’re there. Notwithstanding the fellow passenger in business class touting her Prada bag and Occupy Wall Street T-shirt (true story), there’s good enough reason not to roll your eyes at this one.

Now let’s see how the general strike in Oakland unfolds.

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